Google Calendar + Trello = The Ultimate Productivity Combination ❤

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  1. The second list is “doing” list. I drag the cards from the “todo” list to “doing” list, as and when I start working on them. As long as they are worked upon, they always stay in the “doing” list.
  2. The third is of course “done”. The moment tasks are finished, I drag the cards to the done list.
  3. The fourth list is “on my mind” list. I put everything that I would like to take up in future on this list. For example, right now I am planning to start a German grammar series on YouTube, as well as making a Shiny Dashboard about Rural Health Survey 2019 in India. The target I put is to complete the tasks in the next three months.
  4. The fourth is the “comment” list. Everything that can’t be done by me, but is dependent on the work I need to do with others and it’s under non-urgency is put up here.
My calendar for the month of June 2020, as of 8 June 2020
Planning the time and lessons until 20 September 2020
My Calendar for 7 June 2020



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